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Anonymous said: What's your opinion on Guy Wilson as Will?

Oh gosh, this is such a sensitive topic that I’m scared to answer. I know people hold a lot of strong opinions on both sides, and I think they’re entitled to that. As long as you’re not hurting or bullying someone, free speech is important.

I really love the WilSon fandom, so I’m happy that the people who connect with Guy’s performance are continuing to enjoy the story. I think it’s really well-written and brave, and it continues to be both of those things.

Obviously I’m a huge Chandler fan. After watching four years of his portrayal, I really connected with his unique and charming take on the character. But that said, I feel like we should all respect one another and be as kind as we can. We were united through a great story and a beautiful relationship, so it’s disappointing to see some fans being awful to each another.

I want this blog to be a place where people can feel happy and comfortable, despite what they like.

Basically yep, that’s it! Thanks for asking me. Come off anon and let’s be friends.


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Chandler Massey in Angels in Stardust

WilSon moments that sound a little x-rated out of context.


"hey dad, what’s up?

This is one of those scenes I am going to watch time and time and time ago and still get the same feeling from.

It is short and sweet but here we see Will, completely with his guards down, happy and whole and at peace with who he is: screw that, he is utterly embracing and relishing who he is.

Having just been with Sonny for the first time, he is more confident and secure than he ever has been before. The two of them really bring out the best in one another and that moment when Will crawls onto of Sonny… it’s just so playful, but the way he pins him to the bed… it just screams to me ‘your mine and I ain’t never going to let you go. Ever.

And Sonny… for what six months to a year, maybe more (?), he has dreamt about being with Will… his goal for that entire year is to get Will to fall in love with him… and now here he is, with six weeks to go and he has achieved his goal. Will Horton hasn’t said the words yet, but it’s blindingly obvious he is in love with him, utterly.

They can’t get close enough to one another, they can’t get enough of each other… Its just a really beautiful moment and it gives me so many feels.  

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you know why i’m this happy? i’m with you.

Will Horton + favorite outfits

will being possessive over sonny.